Annotated bibliography on medication errors

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A reduction of medication errors is highly desirable so that the patient’s quality of care is at the highest level, and any adverse effects due to medication are minimized to the fullest extent.

In the first article reviewed, Adverse events in drug administration, the topic discussed is the causes of medication.

Annotated Bibliography The Prevalence of Medical Malpractice and its Effect on Modern Healthcare Jacob Blackman Professor Malcolm Campbell English This is crucial as errors with medication often produce a significant percentage of medical liability claims. The article concluded by advising.

Annotated Bibliography for Preventing Adverse Drug Events (Medication Reconciliation) Page Content This annotated bibliography presents selected literature for preventing adverse drug events (ADEs) by implementing medication reconciliation. TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION Annotated Bibliography Apker, J., Propp, K.

M., Ford, W. S. Z., & Hofmeister, N. (). Collaboration, Dysfunctional nurse-physician communication has been linked to medication errors, patient injuries, and patient deaths.

The organization is accountable for providers to mitigate medical errors.

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Programs such. Nov 10,  · Medication errors are the most common medical errors, which may result in some complications for patients. This study was carried out to investigate what influence medication errors by nurses from their viewpoint. In order to be able to put down the short description for each source in your annotated bibliography – you would certainly need to study each of them thoroughly.

Using your analytical and critical skills, you should draw the most important ideas, discussed by the author, understand his position and his point of view.

Annotated bibliography on medication errors
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Annotated Bibliography for Preventing Adverse Drug Events (Medication Reconciliation)