How to get inspired to write again remarkable dry erase

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Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen

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Dry Up, or Grow Up -. Jul 16,  · This linky is a linky that is dedicated to getting you as educators, parents, and administrators ready for BACK TO SCHOOL!!

As a group, we will share tips, stories, advice, and other such information on ten different topics, each week being a different Miss V's Busy Bees. I keep a dry erase marker in my bathroom so I can make lists and work on character development for my fledgling short story at the spur of the moment across my bathroom mirror.

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It’s not a perfect idea because I don’t like people to see it, so I always make sure it’s clean if people come over. Each person writes their number guess (all answers are numbers) on their dry erase card and it is placed down so everyone can see.

Once all the guesses have been made, you place your colored Meeples (2 little characters that represent you) on the guess you believe to be correct.

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Apr 22,  · Dry erase markers don't use the same type of water-based ink as ordinary "coloring" markers, so reviving them by moistening their tips usually won't work.

How to Revive Dried Out Markers. For all kinds of markers, put a dab of water on the tip, and write. The ink might start to flow again.


How to get inspired to write again remarkable dry erase
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