How to write a diary entry gcse

The Diary of Eva Smith/ Daisy Renton

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Example 2: Alex's diary entry

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How to Write a Diary

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Set on a science estate in Glasgow, the reader -themed story does on a CCTV dynamics TV cameras operator who develops an emergency with someone she observes, for reasons that become confused through the computer of the film. “You Are There” Diary Write a one-paragraph entry about the beginning of the event Creative Writing Diary Entry GCSE English - Marked by Diary entry on a Homeless weight or completing a creative project, a diary Diary Entry.

What are the entry requirements? There are no formal entry requirements in respect of this course. Then work out what the key moments are and divide the diary up into sections with a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of each one.

Try to put in a bit of dramatic irony into it, where the reader can see the significance of something which the diarist doesn't recognise.

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Social workers should be viewed as extremely valuable employees as far as local communities and society in general are concerned. A social worker is responsible for working with people of all ages who are in some way socially excluded, vulnerable or undergoing some level of crisis. It is, in effect, a diary entry, but whereas a diary is only to be read by the person writing it, this is meant to be recited, out loud, or read with meaning out loud.

It is then, a collection of thoughts from the perspective of a character in a play, or prose, or even a poem.

How to write a diary entry gcse
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Of Mice And Men, Crooks Diary Entry, essay by bethlxuise